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The course of Maratona d'Italia memorial Enzo Ferrari, very fast, completely asphalted and traffic free. It is AIMS certificated and included in the IAAF international calendar. Every kilometre and half marathon point are clearly marked on the road.

AIMS certificate - The course of the Maratona d'Italia memorial Enzo Ferrari is completely traffic free and it's forbidden to go along the course with bikes or private transports. A vehicle following an athlete along the course, if not previously authorized by the organization, will cause the disqualification of the athlete.
Marathon course: Start in Maranello and finish in Carpi, Piazza Martiri.

The route is completely closed of the traffic.
The start for the three races (Marathon, Half Marathon and 30 km) will be in Maranello in front of Museo Ferrari, the arrival of the Half Marathon will fall at the Park Ferrari in Modena (21 km mark) and the arrival of the 30 km (33 km mark ) will fall in Soliera in front of Castello Campori.
The half marathon and 30 km will take place on the same route of the marathon, below you can download street maps of each race.

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